Tringtone TT80P is one of the Tringtone IP Phone in the Call Center. It has the unique style, good utility, clear voice etc feature. Cooperating with communication platform to finish strong phone functions, such as: call transfer, hotline function (immediately/delay), a key cancellation and registration, a key automatic response, etc.

Products Details

Product Name : TT80P
Model : TT80P
Warranty Period : 1 years
Price : Not Specified


1. One key enable or disable accounts register function.
2. One key enable or disable auto-answer function.
3. One key change the ringing type.
4. Multi-language, e.g. Chinese, English, Russian, French etc .
5.2xLAN, PoE, RJ9Headset
6.USB port for external unit charging.

Technical Specification

1. LDAP phone book Functions
2.3*function lights (Answer Key\Ringing\Mute),
3.Transport Layer Security (TLS)
4. Soft keys programmable, Supports PC control

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